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The world suspended in time.

The old ACLI, the monuments and their history, the paths of health and the current economy, but also the friends and loved ones who are gone.

The idea of the founders of the Cultural Calmasin in Cor is very simple but revolutionary: scan the memory, history and stories of the people of the past, the present and the future of the country Calmasino (today Fraction of Bardolino, in province of Verona (VR) in the Veneto region, the North-East Italy).

All that matters is the heart and soul of yore and today, it becomes alive and present through the application of the QR code to each object and sobject (monument, place, panorama, Ai??economic activity, association, person, etc.).

An innovation that although they can not be patented, born September 30, 2012 (on the occasion of Ancient Fair of St. Michael Patron of Calmasino) and aims to be the first prototype of an archive of digital assets from a human village of 1,000 inhabitants, a world suspended in time where past, present and future coexist and can be studied, inspire other ideas, suggest walks of life.

Anyone can make a contribution so that the greatest amount of information about Calmasino and its stories and its places and its people can be found on the system.

The intention of the founders, the idea is to involve all the people of Calmasino, the Parish, the Kindergarten, Primary School and any other person who can give a testimony.

The platform can be expected to refer to the different paths starting from the so-called “stations” will start from 13 stations that tell the most beautiful places of Calmasino, allowing the curious to take a trip back in time and timeless touch Agriculture, Architecture, Landscape , History and People.

A QR code will speed up the connection from the mobile device (smartphone and tablet) to the dedicated page of the site

The Cultural Association in Calmasin Cor has created “QR CALMASIN IN” with the goal of being forerunner in technological innovation in the countries and communities that need to leverage technologies and digital tools as a powerful driving force that can keep the memory, (re) construct identity to build the future.

It ‘the first operation of Epica Digital Literary ever attempted in the world.

A choral work of many voices. A recovery operation socio-historical unprecedented.

Enjoy the tour of Calmasin in the QR. meds similar to doxycycline. CLICK HERE TO START THE TOUR.

Signed: Associazione Culturale Calmasin in Cor

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